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Geothermal energy is simply the constant heat 15 feet below the earth’s surface. In the Northeast US, at that depth the temperature is approximately 53 degrees Fahrenheit - all year round. This abundant heat buried in the ground just below your feet is called geothermal energy.

Geothermal Energy NJ

It is the Source of –
                        Renewable Power for
                                    Heating, Cooling and Hot Water (DHW)

How does it work?

It’s not magic. It’s the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

The geothermal concept is easy - heat always flows to cold (pick up a hot cup of coffee with cold hands – your hand will get warm).  Geothermal energy in the form of heat is stored in the ground and this heat flows to cold.  The heat can be tapped using any of several geothermal processes to move the heat from the ground to your home or business, But . . .

Not All Geothermal Is created Equal

Total Green designs & installs Geothermal and Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems. While our focus is utilization of ‘DX’ (Direct Exchange) Geothermal for residential and commercial properties, our technological expertise includes water loop systems as well. TOTAL GREEN’S vast knowledge of building performance allows us to determine the best geothermal system for your application, structure and location.

Until recently, the most common geothermal systems were closed or open loop water based systems.  However, to tap the energy from the earth, these systems are generally invasive. They either drill deep wells or excavate a large section of the property and install plastic tubing in which a water/glycol, anti-freeze or alcohol solution is circulated. 

Besides lower efficiency, Propylene glycol fluid (anti-freeze) based systems are prone to leakage. 

Geothermal Energy NJ Geothermal Energy NJ Geothermal Energy NJ
Open Loop Water System
Closed Loop Water System

Water based systems

Plastic tubing and anti-freeze used in these systems have low heat conductivity and the fluid is inefficient as a heat transfer medium. 

While water based systems work in some but very limited applications,  it’s important to know, they are costly to run.  These systems are not as efficient or environmentally responsible as the newer advanced Total Green ‘DX’ Geothermal Technology.  As a matter of fact, water based systems require twice as much energy to run than the Total Green ‘DX’ system.


How does it work?

Geothermal Requires Two Steps:

1. Tapping the energy in the ground
2. Converting the energy into heating, cooling and hot water.

Total Green leads in both ground tap technology and energy conversion.

1) Ground Tap -

Total Green’s advanced technology is the most cost-effective and efficient geothermal system available today because it’s made of pure copper.

Copper,The Superior Heat Conductor

Geothermal Energy New JerseyWhat sets Total Green ‘DX’ System apart from other geothermal is only one heat transfer is required for heat exchange, compared to the two steps required in water-based systems.  The Total Green System distributes an environmentally friendly refrigerant (R- 407C see FAQs), through copper tubing, which is in direct contact with the earth heat source for the most effective thermal transfer. Water-based systems rely on two transfer stages, demanding about twice as much energy consumption, as well as a circulating pump and expensive deep well drilling, not required with the Total Green ‘DX’ System – one less mechanical device to fail.

Copper tubing is a superior heat conductor— proven to be more reliable over long term use and much more efficient than the plastic tubes used in water-based systems.

Geothermal New JerseyThis conductivity enables copper systems to work more efficiently with smaller-diameter tubes than those used in plastic systems, so bore holes are smaller, reducing excavation and installation costs.  

We’re often asked if copper corrodes.  Copper is an element and does not corrode.  The truth is, archeologists have discovered artifacts made from copper in the Byzantine era that are more than a 1,000 years old.  These artifacts are well preserved with very little degradation.

2) Energy Conversion
The heart of the Total Green Geothermal System is our extraordinary geothermal compressor assembly, made right here in the US, and the most cost-effective and ultra efficient geothermal heat pump in the market.  Years of research and development have been invested in this advanced technology. Matched to our unique ground taps, our efficiency ratings are exceptionally high, delivering at least 30% better performance than any other geothermal heat pump system!

Once the heat energy is removed from the ground, it is transferred to the small compact geothermal compressor assembly installed in your structure. This device operates just like a refrigerator, the most reliable appliance in the home – with an important difference, this one device efficiently supplies all heating, cooling and hot water . . . Completely Eliminating The Furnace Or Boiler, Chimney Venting, A/C Compressors And Pads, And Hot Water Heater.

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